Join The Neighbourhood Honey
Project™ and keep it local.

Welcome to The Neighbourhood Honey Project! We exist to help honey hobbyists take on the big brands, so that all people, not just beekeepers, can experience the difference between “supermarket honey”, and the real, raw, delicious stuff.

What is TNHP?

At TNHP, we provide the tools to turn your honey hobby or small business into a next level brand. Firstly, claim your brand name, suburb name, postcode, or even your country’s name. From there we can help you print your own labels, then we can supply social media images, or even help you print your own merchandise (coming soon!).

Why Join TNHP?

Its free and easy to join our movement. All we need is your name, email and the name of your neighbourhood, suburb, school, street name or club where your hives are located and you’ll get an exclusive brand just for you. From there you can choose many options to support your personal mission, and to get your schmick new brand up and running!

For hobbyists

We can get you set up with professional labels, and a few other fun things to start turning your hobby into a small (or not so small) business.
Unique, legally designed labels to make your amazing honey look amazing. Works great for gifts, to sell, or just for fun.

Coming soon:

A social media photo kit to impress your friends and colleagues. Organise a little civil disobedience with our naughty TNHP stickers discouraging the sale and use of pesticides. Secretly signal to others you’re a beekeeper with a TNHP letterbox badge.

For businesses (10+ hives)

We can help you take your business to the next level with our products and years of experience with several independent honey brands.
Find food safe locations to bottle your honey and honey projects and stay on the right side of your council and municipality laws.
Collaborate with other neighbourhood beeks and start a local farmers’ market stall.
Offer your honey to the specialty grocers in your area, they love uber-local products.
Help with word-of-mouth, and digital marketing.

Coming soon:

Get a website to promote your honey. Use our branded gift pack material for gift giving seasons.

For full-time beekeepers

Call us for a chat at any time. We’re global, so happy to talk to anyone,
anywhere (so long as we’re not sleeping).

Join TNHP Now!

Just like a beehive, it takes everyone working together to make things happen. We need your help to spread the beekeeping message in your neighbourhood, across town and to the whole world – it’s free and easy to get started

Grab your free Neighbourhood Honey Project
name before someone else does!

Bee Local, Buy (and Sell) Local.

If you have a beehive (or ten), you’re perfectly positioned to help people buy local. Consider selling your neighbourhood honey to the people right where you live.
We’ll help you showcase the ultra-local nature from your beehive and educate all of our neighbourhoods about pollinator health at the same time.
Please support our movement by seeking out TNHP honey, and buying local where you can!

You produce amazing small
batch honey that’s completely
Keeping it Clean
Having local beehives
reduces the need for
pesticides, herbicides and
other poisons.
Save the Bees
You take the best care of
your bees.
Support Local
Your honey hasn’t traveled
huge distances from other
states or countries.